Online Spiritual Gifts Inventory (FREE)

According to the Scriptures, God has granted every believer in Christ at least one spiritual gift. And He expects these spiritual gifts to be developed and utilized in ministry for His purposes. Wondering what your spiritual gift might be? Using the online spritual gifts inventory linked below, you can learn what your spiritual gift tendencies are. After printing out the inventory report, if you want to discuss the result with someone, feel free to contact the church office at 972-276-7194 and speak with one of our ministers.

Click here to access the online spiritual gifts inventory.

Southern Baptist Links

SBCNET is the official online service for the Southern Baptist Convention.  It provides a number of resources for Southern Baptists that includes a history of Southern Baptists, the Baptist Faith and Message (a summary of our doctrines and beliefs), and a directory of Southern Baptist Resources on the web including the following:

Generational Bible Study Helps

This is a site for those who work with preschoolers or children in Grades 1-5.  Leaders are introduced to the Bible study resources, can learn more about new products and services from Lifeway Christian Resources, and can read related articles.

Looking for a good resource to understand the Preschoolers you lead or teach?  FREE online resource:  Understanding Today's Preschoolers.

Looking for a good resource to understand the children you lead or teach?  FREE online resource:  Understanding Today's Children.

Looking for a good resource to understand the young adults (18-24) you lead or teach?  FREE online resource:  Understanding Youg Adults, 18-24 Years.

Looking for a good resource to understand the adults (25+) you lead or teach?  FREE online resource:  Understanding Today's Adults:  25 Years and Older.

Access LifeWay's Online Bible Library.

The Discipler's Model of Sunday School Teaching and Ministry:  Veteran Christian educator, Dr. Rick Yount, provides an excellent perspective on Bible teaching ministry (like Sunday School).  The approach is called the Discipler's Model and is applicable to any age group, but especially helpful for adult Sunday School ministry.  View a PDF copy of Dr. Yount's presentation material.

Christian Mega-Sites is extremely well designed and offers many great features, including a unique message board, daily devotionals, weekly time managment tips, and excellent articles on topics ranging from family to politics.  is the official web site of Christianity Today, Inc. It contains the content of their nine magazines including Christian Woman, Campus Life, Computing Today, & Christian Reader and features a number of message boards, an excellent news area, and two extensive directories of Christian web sites.


Presence of links here does not necessarily mean full endorsement of those sites by FBC Garland.  As always, use discernment in everything you read and see.