Younger 2's Room 132


      Ms. Morelia                    Ms. Yancy      



Classroom Photos


Characteristics of the Classroom

Teacher Training/Certifications Required

24 hours of annual Early childcare training

CPR/1st Aid Required


Educational Foundation

In this classroom, the students thrive off of educational activities that are incorporated in their small groups and center play.  Each child is growing in their communication and language development every day and they need more and more socialization to reach their full potential!  These little ones grow from their center play (blocks/cars, homeliving, library, puzzles/games) because it is a picture of the real world in a classroom.  The children have to solve problems that come up (and ask the teacher for help with these problems), they have to deal with conflict resolution (as their friend that are playing parallel or with them may have a different idea about what they want to do), and how to properly handle items/people (from books and toys to their friends feelings).  Our friends in this classroom are mastering basic self help skills as well as being introduced to more advanced elements of the curriculum.  You will not see handwriting worksheets coming out of this classroom, but this stage sets the children up for this and much more! The students will work on their gross motor skills by drawing and painting, will learn their beginning numbers and ABC's through small and large group activities, and will actively work throughout the year on going to the bathroom independently! 

Cleanliness & Sanitation

*Toys are rotated out throughout the day.  Any soiled/dirty toys are placed in a separate bin for cleaning and new toys are placed out for the toddler children to play with.  

*All surfaces such as centers, tables and learning stations are sanitized routinely throughout the day and before closing to ensure fresh for the following day.




Two year old Curriculum Overview


   We are so excited to share this next stage and development with you and your little one! This is a very curious stage where the students are yearning for more responsibility as far as helping in the classroom and wanting to know more academically.  Their personalities really begin to emerge during this time! These young children start to "put it all together" as they become much more acclimated to socialization requirements and classroom rules and behavior requirements. 


Development Characteristics for Two year olds:

*They can concentrate for longer periods of time

*They can sometimes think about actions before doing them

*They like to role play

*Counting and manipulation begin to advance

*Fantasy play, problem solving/creativity really shines through

*Gross motor skills are advancing; they love to climb!

*They can typically balance on one foot

*Strings large beads, can zip and snap, and hold a pair of child scissors correctly

*Follows two step directions

*Independence is recognized so much at this age/stage

*Potty Training!!!