Financial Policies and Tuition

  • The annual registration fee of $100 per child is due upon enrollment and for each year thereafter. This registration fee is non-refundable.
  • Parents are responsible for payment for each week their child is enrolled, whether the child is in attendance or not. In the event you must permanently disenroll your child(ren), we require a two-week notice to The Willow office.
  • If your child must be temporarily disenrolled due to a long-term illness or other extenuating circumstances that extend to a month or longer, you will not be charged weekly fees. For approval of temporary disenrollment, please see Director, Kristen Beasley.
  • Tuition payment is to be made by cash, check, or online by going to You can make payments online or via your mobile device. Online payments can be done securely via our payment processor, Tuition Express. If you would like to setup an automatic authorzation please let the Willow Staff know.
  • If payment is to be made by cash or check, please deliver to The Willow office.