Truth 101

Have you ever wanted to learn more about God?  Maybe take a course in Systematic Theology where you learn about the great truths of the Christian faith in a systematic way? 

Dr. Greg Ammons begins a podcast entitled, Truth 101, where he will teach on the great doctrines of the faith in a systematic manner.  The content will be similar to courses he teaches on the university level. 

Monday of each week, a new episode will be available.  Each episode will be approximately 25 minutes in length, which is about the time of a workout, drive to work or lunchbreak.

Below are the links to ITunes and Spotify so you can subscribe and not miss an episode. Keep scrolling to access the audio files on this page.

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TRU 705 Demon Possession

Audio File: Truth705.mp3 (27.37MB)

TRU 704 Satan, Demons, and Evil

Audio File: Truth704.mp3 (29.59MB)

TRU 703 Biblical Notes About Angels

Audio File: Truth703.mp3 (21.81MB)

TRU 702 Angels (Part 2)

Audio File: Truth702.mp3 (27.20MB)

TRU 701 Angels (Part 1)

Audio File: Truth701.mp3 (29.40MB)

TRU 610 The Sufficiency of Scripture

Audio File: 610.mp3 (29.81MB)

TRU 609 The Perspicuity of Scripture (Part 2)

Audio File: Truth609.mp3 (29.30MB)

TRU 608 The Perspicuity of Scripture (Part 1)

Audio File: Truth608.mp3 (32.67MB)

TRU 607 The Inerrancy of Scripture (Part 2)

Audio File: Truth607.mp3 (32.65MB)

TRU 606 The Inerrancy of Scripture (Part 1)

Audio File: Truth606.mp3 (27.81MB)

TRU 605 Exactly What is The Word of God?

Audio File: Truth605.mp3 (27.81MB)

TRU 604 How Did We Get The New Testament?

Audio File: Truth604.mp3 (28.82MB)

TRU 603 How Did We Get The Old Testament?

Audio File: Truth603.mp3 (25.27MB)

TRU 602 The Truthfulness of Scripture

Audio File: Truth602.mp3 (21.49MB)

TRU 601 The Authority of Scripture

Audio File: Truth601.mp3 (28.46MB)

TRU 504 The Ascension of Christ

Audio File: Truth504.mp3 (27.13MB)

TRU 503 Why The Resurrection Matters

Audio File: Truth503.mp3 (27.13MB)

Tru 502 The Resurrected Christ (Part 2)

Audio File: Truth502.mp3 (27.01MB)

TRU 501 The Resurrected Christ (Part 1)

Audio File: Truth501.mp3 (30.08MB)

TRU 405 God’s Creation: Male and Female (Part 2)

Audio File: Truth405.mp3 (21.44MB)

TRU 404 God’s Creation: Male and Female (Part 1)

Audio File: Truth404.mp3 (31.17MB)

TRU 403 What Does It Mean To Be Created In God’s Image? (Part 2)

Audio File: Truth403.mp3 (29.42MB)

TRU 402 What Does It Mean To Be Created In God’s Image?

Audio File: Truth402.mp3 (22.44MB)

TRU 401 What Is The Purpose Of Man?

Audio File: Truth401.mp3 (20.15MB)

TRU 304 Is The Holy Spirit More Prevalent in Some Believers?

Audio File: Truth304.mp3 (26.71MB)

TRU 303 The Work of the Holy Spirit (Part 3)

Audio File: Truth303.mp3 (32.96MB)

TRU 302 The Work of the Holy Spirit (Part 2)

Audio File: Truth302.mp3 (31.29MB)

TRU 301 The Work of the Holy Spirit (Part 1)

Audio File: Truth301.mp3 (31.27MB)

TRU 208 The Offices of Christ

Audio File: Truth208.mp3 (29.38MB)

TRU 207 The Deity of Jesus (Part 4)

Audio File: Truth207.mp3 (22.51MB)

TRU 206 The Deity of Jesus (Part 3)

Audio File: Truth206.mp3 (31.74MB)

TRU 205 The Deity of Jesus (Part 2)

Audio File: TRU205.mp3 (32.74MB)

TRU 204 The Deity of Jesus (Part 1)

Audio File: Truth204.mp3 (29.34MB)

TRU 203 The Humanity of Jesus (Part 3)

Audio File: Truth203.mp3 (29.45MB)

TRU 202 The Humanity of Jesus (Part 2)

Audio File: TRU202.mp3 (32.20MB)

TRU 201 The Humanity of Jesus (Part 1)

Audio File: Truth201.mp3 (24.19MB)

TRU 112 God’s Creation (Part 3)

Audio File: Truth112.mp3 (27.20MB)

TRU 111 God’s Creation (Part 2)

Audio File: Truth111.mp3 (20.87MB)

TRU 110 God’s Creation (Part 1)

Audio File: Truth110.mp3 (15.26MB)

TRU 109 God’s Will

Audio File: Truth109.mp3 (25.95MB)

TRU 108 God’s Communicable Attributes (Part 3)

Audio File: Truth108.mp3 (31.86MB)

TRU 107 God’s Communicable Attributes (Part 2)

Audio File: Truth107.mp3 (30.29MB)

TRU 106 God’s Communicable Attributes (Part 1)

Audio File: Truth106.mp3 (29.26MB)

TRU 105 God’s Incommunicable Attributes (Part 2)

Audio File: Truth105.mp3 (29.65MB)

TRU 104 God’s Incommunicable Attributes (Part 1)

Audio File: Truth104.mp3 (27.74MB)

TRU 103 What is God Like?

Audio File: Truth103FIXED.mp3 (25.33MB)

TRU 102 Can God Be Known?

Audio File: Truth101Final02.mp3 (25.83MB)

TRU 101 Does God Exist?

Audio File: Truth101Final01.mp3 (25.91MB)

Intro to Truth 101

Audio File: Truth101Intro.mp3 (1.05MB)

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