Sunday School Update

  • We have been back in person for Sunday Schools for several weeks now and it is going great! We have had an average of 60-70 Sunday School in-person attendees and 30-40 people each week joining in through Zoom. We are continuing our study in the Gospel of Luke and we are excited to see what God is going to reveal to the Student Ministry as we explore the Bible.

    There are great opportunities for you to join in Sunday School every week at 10 a.m., whether you are going to be here in-person or whether the time is still not right for you to be back in-person. Look at the options below to see how you can join your Sunday School group this Sunday:

  • “I’m ready to be at the church building in person.”
    You are still in the same Sunday School small group that you have been in all year, but we have combined grades due to social distancing guidelines and technical needs.

    Here is where your group will be meeting:
    6th, 7th, & 8th Grade Girls – Main Stage Room 1

    6th, 7th, & 8th Grade Boys – Main Stage Room 2
    9th & 10th Grade Girls – Room 310
    9th & 10th Grade Boys – The Loft
    11th & 12th Grade Students (All) – Common Grounds

    Be sure to always wear your mask and pay attention to proper social distancing guidelines.  (The chairs that are in these rooms are set up at the proper distance and should not be moved.)

  • “The time is not right for me to be there in person.”
    If the time is not yet right for you to return to in-person Sunday School, then you will be able to join in through Zoom just as you have been for the past several months.  This will be the same group with the same leaders and the same classmates as usual, but there will be more people involved because we have combined grades.

    Below are the meeting IDs for the Sunday School Zoom groups. For security purposes and concern for potential "Zoom bombers", please contact your Sunday School leaders or the Student Ministry staff for the passcode to join the meetings.

    Here is the Meeting ID for your group:
    6th, 7th, & 8th Grade Girls – 817 9282 6917
    6th, 7th, & 8th Grade Boys – 881 6226 1749
    9th & 10th Grade Girls – 834 5070 8309
    9th & 10th Grade Boys – 317 068 490
    11th & 12th Grade (All) – 861 3844 4515

Both Middle School & High School Schedule
Sunday Morning
8:30 AM / A blend of traditional and contemporary worship as we have been doing on live steram each week.
10:00 AM / Sunday School Groups
11:30 AM / A blend of traditional and contemporary worship as we have been doing on live stream each week.

General Guidelines for Worship On-Campus
Masks are required to be worn to enter the Worship Center, during the congregational singing, and exiting the Worship Center. During the sermon, you may pull down your masks since you will be social-distanced from others around you.
You will enter the building in one of two places: 1) Main Worship Center entry doors facing Ave. D and 2) the covered porte cochere facing Glenbrook Drive.
•Entry to the Worship Center will begin 20 minutes prior to the start of the service.
•Our  ushers and volunteers will be seating you in an organized manner and we will be grateful for your cooperation.
•Everyone will be seated in a manner to comply with social distancing. The only exception to social distancing is families may sit together.
•At the conclusion of the service, ushers will return and dismiss you by rows so social distancing guidelines may be observed.

General Guidelines for Sunday School On-Campus
Social distancing should be observed personally and encouraged from others – including classroom arrival and departure and seating. This also includes refraining from hugs, high-fives, handshakes, fist bumps, and holding hands during prayer times.
Seating protocols are the same as for worship services – those living in the same household can sit side-by-side, with a distance of two seats (approximately 6 feet) required between family. Students are not permitted to move chairs around.
Masks should be worn at all times. The only exception is when taking a drink.
Food should not be served in class. Beverages should not be served unless in individual, sealed bottles or containers.
Students/adults can utilize all three stairwells to access the Third Floor.

Questions or Concerns?

If you have any questions or concerns that we have not yet addressed, please email the Student Ministry Staff:
Michael Murrie: [email protected]
Zachary Moore: [email protected]
Cindy Hanby: [email protected]