About the Toolbox
This page provides Sunday School (discipleship) leaders with an array of tools to use in their ministries and personal spiritual lives.  Content is specific to the ministry context at FBC Garland, but principles and models are transferrable to other church settings as well.




FBCG Online Community Access
Click here to get tips and instructions on accessing and using our online community, called First Focus.

Weekly Lesson Supplemental Materials

For leaders using Explore the Bible curriculum, click here to view EXTRA! and various tools and supplemental materials to aid your preparation for teaching adults God's Word this week.  There are also additional links for training videos other extras which can enhance your teaching style, approach, and impact.

For leaders using Bible Studies for Life curriculum, click here to access EXTRA! - an abundance of teaching tips and supplemental materials for this week's lesson.  There is also a video you can send you to your class members as a teaser for this coming Sunday's Bible study lesson.
View the Bible Studies for Life Philosophy, expressed in the Discipleship Pathway by clicking here.

For leaders using The Gospel Project curriculum, click here to view teaching and group leading resources related to these lessons, including:

   1. Articles related to lesson content
   2. Interactive teaching tips
   3. Leader tips videos

Also click here for access to a new resource page exclusively for Gospel Project group leaders.

Curriculum Plan Overviews
The four main Sunday School curriculum series used at FBCG are Explore the Bible, Bible Studies for Life, The Gospel Project, and MasterWork, all created and published by LifeWay Christian Resources.  To view a summary of the scope and sequence of these series, click the links below:

Explore the BibleClick here to view the curriculum plan starting Fall 2023. (Explore the Bible covers the entire Bible over a 9-year period).

Bible Studies for Life: click here to view the curriculum plan through 2024.

The Gospel Project: See the curriculum plan for Fall 2021-Summer 2024 by clicking here.

Masterwork:  click here to view the curriculum plan for this series through Summer 2022.  MasterWork presents both current and classic works of respected Christian authors and leaders in a challenging Bible study format.  

Online Bible Study Tools

  LifeWay's Bible Study Library

Having a digital Bible study tools library at your fingertips is something valuable to every Bible teacher.  LifeWay has assembled a useful set of tools to help you dig deeper as you study God's Word and share it with your class or small group.  Click here to view the library (which is FREE to use).

The Study (provided by Texas Baptists)
Click here for another helpful collection of online Bible study tools, provided FREE by our Texas Baptist friends.

Looking for some fresh ideas on making your Sunday School class more effective?  Check out LifeWay's Groups Ministry website.  It has a number of articles and other resources which you might find helpful for your particular class or group.

In our August 2020 Sunday School Workshop for adult leaders, David Francis (pictured at left) shared principles related to the role of teaching people the Bible - creating community, showing care for people, and reaching out beyond our group members.  You can access the video recording of the training workshop by clicking here.  Many of the principles and practices he shared are in the booklet titled Teacher: Creating Conversational Community.  You can download a FREE PDF copy of the booklet by clicking here. 


David Francis Library of Sunday School Leadership Booklets 
Before retiring in 2019, David served as the National Sunday School Director for LifeWay.  He annually published a booklet for churches and their leaders to use for growing their Sunday School ministries.  (Click on each link below to download a FREE PDF copy.  Training plans and PowerPoint presentations for each book available for FREE download by clicking here)


Ken Braddy Blog

Ken (pictured at left) was the Adult Sunday School Training Workshop leader in August 2019.  His blog has over 1,100 entries on "everything Sunday School."  There is no cost for the blog, and it is searchable by topic, so you don't have to scroll through all the entries to find what you need.  Click on the blog link and check it out!


99 Essential Doctrines
Is doctrine a bad word, an outdated concept, or a dusty topic for irrelevant study?  Far from it!!  Biblical doctrine provides a foundation for what we believe, how we live, and how we distinguish between Truth and error.  Aaron Armstrong has provided a helpful series of short videos on key doctrines from God's Word.  Click here to take a look.  You may want to use these in your own study or in teaching others too.


Resources Recommended by FBCG Sunday School Leaders

The following resources have been recommended by adult Sunday School teachers or directors here at FBC Garland.

Jim Denison Devotional -  https://www.first15.org - a meaningful daily devotion to enrich your walk with the Lord.

E-Sword.net - a free downloadable electronic Bible with many different electronic Bible versions, commentaries, Christian books, maps, dictionaries, and devotionals.  Some versions are copywrighted, such as NASB, and have a fee. 

Criswell Study Bible - recommended for its footnotes in preparation for teaching.

The Holman Illustrated Bible Dictionary - recommended for its succinct biblical definitions.

Grace to You sermons by John MacArthur - recommended for in-depth insight or and helpful illustrations.



Sunday School Defined

Sunday School is the foundational strategy in a local church for leading people to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and for building on-mission Christians through Bible study groups that engage people in evangelism, discipleship, fellowship, ministry, and worship.