Pre-K 4s Room 105


                   Ms. Alexis                                 

Classroom Photos

Characteristics of the Classroom

Teacher Training/Certifications Required

24 hours of annual Early childcare training

CPR/1st Aid Required


Chapel is held every Friday morning for our students that are three and four years old.  The students are engaged with Bible stories from the Old & New Testament and learn about heroes of the Bible.  These lessons are incorporated in their weekly curriculum to reinforce what the student have learned.

Assessments/Homework folders/PT Conferences

Our academic assessments are done for the students at the beginning of the year and mid year.  This helps us to see where the child begins their journey in our three's class and what type of progress they have made throughout the year.  You will be given a folder to take at the end of the week with your child's work and any homework to complete. We will hold a parent/teacher conference (either over the phone or in person if able) so that you can speak with your child's teacher in regards their progress. 

Cleanliness & Sanitation

*Toys are rotated out throughout the day.  Any soiled/dirty toys are placed in a separate bin for cleaning and new toys are placed out for the toddler children to play with.  

*All surfaces such as centers, tables and learning stations are sanitized routinely throughout the day and before closing to ensure fresh for the following day.




Pre-Kindergarten Curriculum Overview


   We are so excited to share this next stage and development with you and your little one! This is a very curious stage where the students are yearning for more responsibility as far as helping in the classroom and wanting to know more academically. These friends are ready for a more academic structure in the classroom.  We still provide center play (cars/blocks, library, science/sensory, math/manipulatives, art) for the students and nap time for a rest/brain break, but they are geared for a more educational structure and not just exploratory play.  These students will write in workbooks and review over their letter, colors and shapes throughout the year.  You will have a homework folder that goes home so that you can review what the child is working on in class and help them as well.  These students will have a beginning of the year academic assessment as well as a mid year academic assessment as well.