Wednesday Bible Study Series

Wednesday Bible Study Series


Names of God: 8-Week Series

What is in a name?  Juliet asked that question in Shakespeare’s classic play.  When it comes to God, there is so much to His names!  God reveals Himself through His character.  Whenever He revealed another aspect of His character to the Israelites, God used another name for Himself.  We will study carefully the names He chose for Himself so we can learn more of God’s character that He has revealed to us.


Crossing Over: 9-Week Series

Perhaps you have noticed the phrase in the Bible. On nine occasions, the Bible says that Jesus “crossed over to the other side” in reference to the Sea of Galilee. What is important is what happened when Jesus and His disciples arrived on the other side. “Crossing Over … What Happened When Jesus Arrived.” In these messages, we will look at what happened on each of the nine occasions when Jesus crossed to the other side of the Sea of Galilee.

ALL: 10-Week Series

It is a small, but powerful, life-changing word. Yet, so many people overlook it when reading the Bible. All. That word occurs more than 5,600 times in Scripture in more than 4,600 different verses. Many times, God is communicating important lessons to us through the word “all.” On Sunday, April 8, I will begin, “All,” a 10-week sermon series examining what God is trying to tell us through some key passages containing this small, powerful word.

IS GOD GOOD?: 9-Week Series

Where is God when evil is apparent and people suffer?  Why was the devil even created at all?  Why doesn’t God do something to stop suffering?  Difficult times cause many today to question God’s goodness and power.  In this 9-week sermon series, FBCG Senior Pastor, Dr. Greg Ammons, examines the problems of evil and suffering, while looking at the big picture of who God is and what He is doing in the world. Fall 2018 series

Christmas - Look a Little More Closely

Most likely, you have heard the Christmas message before. But, have you noticed some of the details of this powerful story more closely? This series examines some of the remarkable details of the wonderful story of the Incarnation –God becoming a Person. December 2018 series

Non-Sermon Series 2018

Non-Sermon Series 2019