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Dr. Greg Ammons, Senior Pastor
Sunday, September 27, 2020


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Begins Wednesday,September 9

Exile.  Just the word conjures images of separation, loneliness, and despair.  Israel experienced exile in the Old Testament.  Christians have experienced exile during the COVID-19 pandemic.  How did the Israelites rebuild their lives after the Exile?  Actually, the Bible tells us.  Their actions teach us some valuable lessons as we rebuild after some tumultuous weeks of 2020. 

Beginning September 9, Dr. Greg Ammons will teach a weekly Bible study entitled, “Rebuilding” at the First Baptist Church of Garland.  The study will recount the rebuilding efforts of the Israelites after the Exile in the Old Testament and offer insight into how we rebuild in our day as well.  The study will begin at 6:15 p.m. each Wednesday. 



Worldview: Think Biblically, Act Accordingly

Begins Sunday, September 13

How do you view the world?  Are we all merely products of what we were taught while growing up?  Once we are born-again, are we to think differently? 

Actually, everyone has a worldview.  Everyone thinks, believes, and values in particular ways.  Christians are to think, believe, and value in a different way.  This is called a Christian worldview.  But, why is seeing through the lens of a Christian worldview so important? 

Beginning September 13, Dr. Greg Ammons will answer these and other questions in the sermon series, “Worldview:  Think Biblically.  Act Accordingly.”  The series will continue each Sunday morning through the Fall at First Baptist Church Garland.

How Would Jesus Pray Today?

Sunday, July 5-July 26
We are certainly living in some challenging times.  If Jesus were here in person, how would He pray for our day?  What specifically would He pray for today?  John 17 may just give us some clues.  Just before the cross, Jesus prayed the greatest prayer ever prayed in John 17. 

Senior Pastor, Dr. Greg Ammons, examines this powerful chapter closely to see how Jesus would pray for today’s world.

"Old Favorites...A New Day" Sermon Series

Sunday, May 3 - June 28
We are certainly living in unprecedented days. Does the Bible speak of the coronavirus?  Can the words of an ancient book speak to the times in which we are living today? 

Dr. Ammons takes the most famous passages of Scripture and relates how they apply to the days of COVID-19.


Jesus Among Other Beliefs

Sunday, February 2-March 8
Why is Jesus’ message unique among other belief systems today?  How are His teachings similar and how are they unique to other belief systems of our day?  Why is Jesus’ claim to the only way to heaven important?  Are all other beliefs wrong?  If so, why?  Dr. Greg Ammons answers these and other questions in a 6-week Sunday morning sermon series entitled, “Jesus Among Other Beliefs.” Series Messages

What Does Forgiveness Look Like?

Wednesday, February 5-April 8, 2020
What does forgiveness look like?  It is a wonderful idea but how does forgiveness look when it becomes a practical reality for you?  In his book, Mere Christianity, C.S. Lewis said, “Everyone thinks forgiveness is a lovely idea until they have something to forgive.”  Dr. Greg Ammons teaches the book of Philemon  in a verse-by-verse study entitled, “What Does Forgiveness Look Like?”  Winter 2020 Wednesday Bible Study


What The Prophets Saw In Christmas

What were the Old Testament prophets expecting Christmas to be like?  What were they looking for in the coming of the Messiah hundreds of years before Jesus was born?  Senior Pastor, Dr. Greg Ammons, preaches through a Christmas sermon series that looks at what these Godly men of the past saw in Baby Jesus to come.  Celebrate this Christmas in a new, fresh way by looking back hundreds of years and rejoicing with those who knew Jesus so well. December 2019 series

Mountains: 8-Week Series

What do you do whenever you have a mountain in your life? We usually dread these rugged peaks. Have you ever considered that God may use mountains in powerful, positive ways in your life? On eight different occasions in the Gospels, we are told that Jesus encountered mountains. Senior Pastor Dr. Greg Ammons looks at all eight of these times from the life of Jesus to see how we deal with mountains of our own.  Sometimes we climb them. Sometimes we cross them. Sometimes we move them. Fall 2019 series

Asking for a Friend: 8-Week Series

Are there questions you have always wondered but did not really want to ask? Maybe you have questions about why Christians believe as they do on a subject. Perhaps you wonder what the Bible actually says about a particular topic. If you could get a friend to ask the question, you would be interested in hearing the answer. Dr. Greg Ammons will answer some of these tough questions in an 8-week sermon series entitled, “Asking for a Friend.” Spring 2019 series

How Was Jesus Known?: Sermon Series

How was Jesus known among the people of His day? What was it about Him that made the crowds flock to Him and the common person love Him? What can we learn from the way in which Jesus approached the people of His day? One phrase in one verse of the Bible gives us a clue. Dr. Greg Ammons takes a look at a powerful phrase in John 1:14 to answer these vital questions. February 2019 series


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