Safety and Security

Safety and security are taken seriously in The Nest for two very important reasons.

First, children are precious to us and we strive to take the best care of them physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Secondly, we want you to feel comfortable leaving your child in our care. We want preschool parents to be able to participate in worship and Bible study knowing that their preschoolers are being tenderly cared for in The Nest.

Following is a list of steps that we have taken to ensure that all children are safe and secure in The Nest:

  • Volunteers and paid staff are screened (including a background check) and receive training before working in any preschool classroom
  • We maintain a "two adult rule" in all classrooms
  • Classroom doors remain locked
  • Numbered security nametags are used for all children ages birth–Kindergarten
  • A volunteer On–Call Medical Team is in place on Sunday mornings