The Age of Outrage(“The Crowd of Betrayal”)

Audio File: 011721SundaySermon.mp3 (30.28MB)

The Good Shepherd

Audio File: 011321WedNight.mp3 (35.09MB)


Audio File: 010321Sermon.mp3 (29.51MB)

File: MATTHEW 11:15 (NKJV)

Six Words Of Christmas (Session 6)

Audio File: ChristmasEveSermon.mp3 (13.27MB)

Six Words Of Christmas (Session 5)

Audio File: 122020SundaySermon.mp3 (33.22MB)

File: Luke 2:25-33 (NKJV)

Six Words Of Christmas (Session 4)

Audio File: 121620WednesdayNightBibleStudy.mp3 (38.07MB)

File: LUKE 1 (ESV)

Six Words Of Christmas (Session 3)

Audio File: 121320SundaySermon.mp3 (33.33MB)

File: Luke 1:26-31 (NKJV)

Six Words Of Christmas (Session 2)

Audio File: 120920WednesdayNightBibleStudy.mp3 (35.63MB)

File: MATTHEW 1:18-25 (ESV)

Six Words Of Christmas (Session 1)

Audio File: 120620SundaySermon.mp3 (33.36MB)

File: John 1:14 (NKJV)

Rebuilding: Life in Babylon (Session 10)

Audio File: 120220WednesdayNightBibleStudy.mp3 (37.96MB)

File: JEREMIAH 35:12-16 (NLT)

Worldview: Think Biblically, Act Accordingly (Session 12)

Audio File: 112920SundaySermon.mp3 (39.75MB)

Worldview: Think Biblically, Act Accordingly (Session 11)

Audio File: 112220SundaySermon.mp3 (34.02MB)

File: Genesis 11:1-9 (ESV)

Rebuilding: Life in Babylon (Session 9)

Audio File: 111820WednesdayNightBibleStudy.mp3 (38.01MB)

File: MALACHI 3:16-18 (ESV)

Worldview: Think Biblically, Act Accordingly (Session 10)

Audio File: 111520SundaySermon.mp3 (34.95MB)

File: Acts 17:16-21 (ESV)

Rebuilding: Life in Babylon (Session 8)

Audio File: 111120WednesdayNightBibleStudy.mp3 (39.08MB)


Worldview: Think Biblically, Act Accordingly (Session 9)

Audio File: 110820SundaySermon.mp3 (33.01MB)

File: Acts 19:28-34 (ESV)

Rebuilding: Life in Babylon (Session 7)

Audio File: 110420WednesdayNightBibleStudy.mp3 (37.70MB)

File: EZRA 7:7-10 (ESV)

Worldview: Think Biblically, Act Accordingly (Session 8)

Audio File: 110120SundaySermon.mp3 (32.52MB)

File: Acts 10:9-16 (ESV)

Worldview: Think Biblically, Act Accordingly (Session 7)

Audio File: 102520SundaySermon.mp3 (31.04MB)

File: Romans 12:1-2 (NKJV)

Rebuilding: Life in Babylon (Session 6)

Audio File: 102120WednesdayNightBibleStudy.mp3 (39.27MB)

File: Esther 4:13-16 (NKJV)

Worldview: Think Biblically, Act Accordingly (Session 6)

Audio File: 101820SundaySermon.mp3 (33.63MB)

File: Revelation 20:11-15 (NKJV)

Worldview: Think Biblically, Act Accordingly (Session 5)

Audio File: 101120SundaySermon.mp3 (26.19MB)

File: Galatians 4:4-5 (NKJV)

Rebuilding: Life in Babylon (Session 5)

Audio File: 100720WednesdayNightBibleStudy.mp3 (38.98MB)

File: PSALM 126:1-6 (ESV)

Worldview: Think Biblically, Act Accordingly (Session 4)

Audio File: 100420SundaySermon.mp3 (32.61MB)

File: Genesis 3:1-13 (ESV)

Rebuilding: Life in Babylon (Session 4)

Audio File: 093020WednesdayNightBibleStudy.mp3 (37.45MB)

Worldview: Think Biblically, Act Accordingly (Session 3)

Audio File: 092720SundaySermon.mp3 (29.11MB)

File: Why Are We Here?

Rebuilding: Life in Babylon (Session 3)

Audio File: 092320WednesdayNightBibleStudy.mp3 (40.92MB)

Worldview: Think Biblically, Act Accordingly (Session 2)

Audio File: 092020SundaySermon.mp3 (28.76MB)

Rebuilding: The Captivity Begins (Session 2)

Audio File: 091620WedPM.mp3 (34.04MB)

Worldview: Think Biblically, Act Accordingly (Session 1)

Audio File: 091320SundaySermon.mp3 (34.83MB)

File: “What Is a Worldview and Why Is It Important?”

Rebuilding: PROPHESY OF THE EXILE (Session 1)

Audio File: 090920WednesdayBibleStudy.mp3 (42.55MB)

Only One Light

Audio File: 090620SundaySermon.mp3 (33.26MB)

Walking Down the D Road


Audio File: 082620WedNightBibleStudy.mp3 (34.25MB)

On Purpose

Audio File: 082320EnglishSermon.mp3 (27.40MB)


Audio File: 081920Wednight.mp3 (32.37MB)

Enduring the Cross

Audio File: 081620EnglishSermon.mp3 (27.52MB)


Audio File: 081220.pdf (38KB)

6 Steps to Knowing God

Audio File: 080920EnglishSermon.mp3 (39.11MB)

The Conclusion

Audio File: 072620EnglishSermon.mp3 (32.88MB)

The Power of a Prayer

Audio File: 071920EnglishSermon.mp3 (34.66MB)

Jesus’ Prayer Continues

Audio File: 071220EnglishSermon.mp3 (31.07MB)

God’s Image Bearers in Rebellion

Audio File: 070820Wed..mp3 (38.29MB)

Unity and Witness

Audio File: 070520EnglishSermon.mp3 (36.94MB)

God’s Promise For The New Day

Audio File: 062820EnglishSermon.mp3 (30.87MB)

The Mind of Christ

Audio File: 062420WedNightBibleStudy.mp3 (32.80MB)

What You Do Not Have To Be

Audio File: 062120EnglishSermon.mp3 (33.94MB)

Learning How To Add

Audio File: 061720WedNightBibleStudy.mp3 (29.62MB)

When Certainty Collapses

Audio File: 061420EnglishSermon.mp3 (31.19MB)


Audio File: 061020WedBibleStudy.mp3 (38.88MB)

Understanding Faith

Audio File: 060720EnglishSermon.mp3 (37.78MB)


Audio File: 060320Wed.NightBibleStudy.mp3 (37.46MB)

What Kind of God Is He?

Audio File: 053120EnglishSermon.mp3 (41.34MB)


Audio File: 052720Wed.BibleStudy.mp3 (35.96MB)

Anxious Days

Audio File: 052420EnglishSermon.mp3 (29.68MB)

When God Answers Questions

Audio File: 052020Wednightbiblestudy.mp3 (32.93MB)

Be Strong and Keep On

Audio File: 051720Englishsermon.mp3 (39.03MB)


Audio File: 051320Wed.NightBibleStudy.mp3 (37.02MB)

Old Favorites ... A New Day “Purpose in the Exile” Session 2

Audio File: 051020EnglishSermon.mp3 (30.91MB)

The Valley of the Virus

Audio File: 050620Wed.NightBibleStudy.mp3 (43.79MB)

Old Favorites ... A New Day “Purpose in the Exile” Session 1

Audio File: 050320Sermon.mp3 (36.98MB)

A Psalm for The Days of a Pandemic

Audio File: 042920Wed.NightBibleStudy.mp3 (41.03MB)

Nearness to Christ

Audio File: 042620Sermon.mp3 (29.78MB)

Utter Confusion, Unutterable Peace

Audio File: 042220Wed.Night.mp3 (38.02MB)

Life Will Never Be The Same Again

Audio File: 041920.mp3 (38.67MB)

The Most Important Question in the World

Audio File: 041220EasterSemon.mp3 (37.37MB)

Dr. Ammons interviews his son, Camden, about the topic of preaching.

Audio File: 040720.mp3 (25.09MB)

The Palm Sunday Path

Audio File: 040520.mp3 (40.51MB)

The Nine Most Important Words During the Coronavirus

Audio File: 032920.mp3 (35.17MB)

When The Way Looks Difficult

Audio File: 032220.mp3 (34.81MB)

Jesus Among Other Beliefs

Audio File: 030820.mp3 (27.10MB)

Jesus Among Other Beliefs (Mormon)

Audio File: 030120.mp3 (32.51MB)

Jesus Among Other Beliefs (Islam)

Audio File: 022320.mp3 (32.74MB)

Jesus Among Other Beliefs (Buddhism)

Audio File: 021620.mp3 (29.68MB)

Jesus Among Other Beliefs (Hindu)

Audio File: 020920.mp3 (27.97MB)

Jesus Among Other Beliefs (Jewish)

Audio File: 020220.mp3 (30.08MB)

Vision 2.0

Audio File: 011920.mp3 (26.69MB)

Spiritual Gifts – Part 2

Audio File: 011720Podcast.mp3 (12.31MB)

Who’s Your One?

Audio File: 011220.mp3 (28.40MB)

Extra Strength

Audio File: 010520.mp3 (24.81MB)

Hosea: “Love for the Wayward”

Audio File: 122219.mp3 (33.62MB)

Jeremiah: “From Hardship to Hope”

Audio File: 121519.mp3 (32.75MB)

Micah: “Location, Location, Location”

Audio File: 120819.mp3 (30.23MB)

Isaiah: “Rescue From Doom”

Audio File: 120119.mp3 (29.08MB)

A Prophet Like Me

Audio File: 112419.mp3 (30.41MB)

What God Did At The Cross

Audio File: 111019.mp3 (29.10MB)

Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Audio File: 110919.mp3 (13.41MB)


Audio File: 110319.mp3 (28.44MB)

Mountains: An Appointed Mountain

Audio File: 102719.mp3 (25.57MB)

Mountains: Moving Mountains

Audio File: 102019.mp3 (28.83MB)

Mountains: Life on the Mountaintop

Audio File: 101319.mp3 (29.25MB)

Mountains: Before the Miracle, There Is a Mountain

Audio File: 100619.mp3 (26.79MB)

Mountains: Challenge

Audio File: 092919.mp3 (36.40MB)

Mountains: Words and Actions

Audio File: 092219.mp3 (24.49MB)

5 Questions on Authority

Audio File: 091319.mp3 (18.07MB)

Mountains: Decision-Making

Audio File: 090819.mp3 (31.88MB)

Mountains: When the Mountain Lion Appears

Audio File: 090119.mp3 (29.96MB)

When the Enemy Whispers

Audio File: 082519.mp3 (31.52MB)

The Connection

Audio File: 081819.mp3 (27.99MB)

All About Angels

Audio File: 081719.mp3 (16.59MB)

5 Questions About Hell

Audio File: 081619.mp3 (17.56MB)

The Choice

Audio File: 080419.mp3 (28.54MB)

5 Questions About God

Audio File: 7-24-19Final.mp3 (13.18MB)

The Choice

Audio File: 072119.mp3 (33.08MB)

5 Questions About Lifestyle Issues

Audio File: 070919.mp3 (20.42MB)

The Enemy’s Game Plan Part 2

Audio File: 070719.mp3 (31.36MB)

The Enemy’s Game Plan Part 1

Audio File: 063019TraditonalSermon.mp3 (29.39MB)

In the Wild

Audio File: 062319.mp3 (29.74MB)

5 Questions About Spiritual Beings

Audio File: 062119.mp3 (17.95MB)

Where to Look

Audio File: 061619.mp3 (21.05MB)

Bible Verses People do Not Believe

Audio File: 060219.mp3 (29.41MB)

5 Questions About Salvation

Audio File: 6-3-19.mp3 (19.99MB)

Live the Mission

Audio File: 060219.mp3 (29.41MB)

Never Using Your Wings

Audio File: 052619.mp3 (26.96MB)

5 Questions about Heaven

Audio File: 5-21-19.mp3 (15.25MB)

After the Tassel Turns

Audio File: 051919.mp3 (28.41MB)

Asking For a Friend

Audio File: 051219.mp3 (28.44MB)

Asking For a Friend

Audio File: 042819.mp3 (36.34MB)

Asking For a Friend

Audio File: 042119.mp3 (30.19MB)

What Was It Like To Be Crucified?

Audio File: 041919GoodFriday.mp3 (15.32MB)

Asking For a Friend

Audio File: 041419.mp3 (29.28MB)

Asking For a Friend

Audio File: 040719_.mp3 (27.95MB)

Asking For a Friend

Audio File: 033119.mp3 (32.53MB)

Asking For a Friend

Audio File: 032419.mp3 (35.60MB)

Asking For a Friend

Audio File: 031719_.mp3 (28.38MB)

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