GRACE meets every Thursday morning at the McDonald Activity Center during the fall and spring semesters.  Below is the schedule:  
9:00 a.m.-10:30 a.m. - Bible Study
10:30 a.m.-11:00 a.m. - Fellowship Time/Announcements
11:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. - Ministry

Bible Studies
First Session:  January 23 - March 5
"Cultivate: A Grace-filled Guide to Growing an Intentioanl Life" by Lara Casey
Women often feel like they have to have it all together in order to live a meaningful life.  Instead they feel inadequate, overwhelmed, and exhuasted as they try to figure out how to do it all.  Lara Casey offers sound and grace-filled advice:  "We can't do it all, and do it well.  But, we can choose to cultivate what matters."
Led by Debra Graham and Sally Michel     Workbook:  $15    

"Rocking Ordinary: Holding it Together with Extraordinary Grace" written and led by Lea Ann Garfias
This book was written for younger Christian women.  Here are the main points:
*Gives practical advice for seizing the everyday opportunities and relationships each of us have and making the most of each one, day in and day out.
*Written topically, so the reader can turn to it again and again when faced with difficult challenges.
*Offers a different view of daily life for Christian women: a vision, a purpose, and a plan for living a common life in an extraordinary way.

"Unglued" by Lysa TerKeurst 
In this six-week, video based study, Lysa TerKeurst admits that she, like most women, has experiences where others bump into her "happy"causing her to come emotionally unglued.  What do we do with these raw emotions?  We stuff, we explode, or react somewhere in between.  Is it possible to make emotions work for us instead of against us?  Her answer is yes, and in her usual inspiring and practical way, Lysa shows you how.  Lysa shows how to process our emotions and resolve conflicts in ways that lead to a much more peaceful life.  God gave us emotions to experience life, not destroy it! 
Led by Sandra Harris   Workbook:  $10

Glass Fusing led by Donna Martin
Materials:  $25  (Class limited to 10-12)

Spanish Language Bible Study - Led by Charlotte Greenhaw.

Second Session:  March 19 - April 23

"Cultivate" (continued from Session 1.)  

"Chasing Vines" by Beth Moore  
God wants us to flourish.  Infact, He delights in our flourishing.  Life isn't always fun, but in Christ it can always be fruitful.  In Chasing Vines, Beth shows us from Scripture how all of life's concerns-the delights and the trials-matter to God.  He uses all of it to help us flourish and be fruitful. Looking through the lens of Christ's transforming teaching in John 15, Beth gives us a panaramic view of biblical teachings on the Vine, vineyards, vine-dressing, and fruitfulness.  Along the way you'll discover why fruitfulness is so important to God and how He can use anything that happens to us for His glory and our flourishing.  Nothing is for nothing. 
Led by Lynnette Powell     Workbook - $13

"Trustworthy" By Lysa TerKeurst
When hard times come and it seems God is deviating from the plan we assume our life should follow, we're more likely to want to tame God, not trust Him.  It's then that we begin to press into our ways and our own timing.  No human can carry the weight of being their own god, but so many of us try.  In this 6-session study of 1 & 2 Kings, join Lysa in Israel as she honestly reveals the places of distrust in her own heart while exploring the deeply applicable Scriptures that will teach us how to truly trust God.
Led by Frances Wilson    Workbooks - $16

Glass Fusing led by Donna Martin
Materials:  $25  (Class limited to 10-12)

Spanish Language Bible Study led by Charlotte Greenhaw

Ministry Opportunities - Meet at 11 a.m.

College Touches -
Send notes of encouragement, gift cards, and "care packages" to our FBC college students.
Friendship House
- Assist with FBC benevolence ministry.
Yarn Crafters
- Make shawls, baby bonnets and booties, scarves, and crocheted necklaces for the homebound and care home residents, the Friendship House, and crisis pregnancy centers.
SONshine Ministry / Card Making - Make and write cards for GRACE members' birthdays, absences, and prayer requests.  Also, send cards to active military and many of our college students who are away from home.
Tips and Support for Parenting - led by Janice Utterback
Prayer Blankets - Create and provide prayer blankets to those who are experiencing critical illness or sorrow.

Child Care 
Child care is available on Thursday mornings for ages birth through pre-K.  Reservations are required and can be made on the registration form or by emailing Michelle Naylor at or calling 972-276-5273, x286.

For more information about GRACE, contact Cindy Cook at 972-276-5273, x282 or