5 Spiritual Disciplines Challenge - Next 3 Years, Beginning in Spring 2024

FBCG members are urged to work on these five areas of spiritual discipline as we allow God to build us individually while we build a new worship center. 

1. Scripture - Bible Study and Memorization

  • Read the Bible daily over the next three years
  • Go through at least one Bible Study a year. One resource for you is Right Now Media, which you can access here.  Click here to see a list of recommended Bible Studies from Pastor Greg.
  • Select one book of the Bible and memorize it over the next 156 weeks. A Scripture memory workshop led by Pastor Greg and Camden Ammons is scheduled for Wednesday, May 21, to give you some memorization tips.

2. Spiritual Gifts - Know and Use

  • Know your spiritual gifts and use them in at least one area of FBCG over the next 3 years.
  • You can take a spiritual gift inventory and then see a list of ways to use your giftedness at FBCG.  Click here to see a list.

3. Sacrifice of Giving - Keeping Your Commitment

  • Please continue to be faithful with God's tithes in meeting our weekly requirement to minister.
  • Please stay faithful to your pledges to help resource God's new worship center.

4. Prayer

  • Spend time daily with God in Prayer.
  • Set your phone alarm for 1:27 each day to stop and pray for the Legacy Building program and for God to build you.  This time was selected because Psalm 127:1 states, "Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build labor in vain"
  • Each time that you feel or see your prayer stone, stop and pray for the Legacy Building program and for God to build you.  We will then place our stones into the foundation of the new worship center when the concrete is poured.  If you did not receive a prayer stone, you may get one this Sunday at each entrance or the Welcome Center.

5. Missions

  • Be involved in at least one mission project per year for the next three years, either locally or globally. 
  • Click here to see a list of mission possibilities at FBCG.  Contact Jim Witt or Teresa Brown in the Missions Office to find out more information.