Week of Prayer for Int'l Missions

Sunday, December 4 through Sunday, December 11, is the week of prayer for International Missions. Each day there is a ministry story which will have a specific emphasis and ways to pray for International Missions, the work being done through the International Mission Board, and to the importance of the LMCO.

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Day 1 Devotional - God's Purpose to Conquer Lostness

Day 2 Devotional - God’s Reach Through Healthcare

Day 3 Devotional God’s Ministry Through Students

Day 4 Devotional God’s Healing Among Refugees

Day 5 Devotional - God’s Influence in Global Cities

Day 6 Devotional God’s Impact Among the Diaspora

Day 7 Devotional God’s Work Through Global Missionary Partners

Day 8 Devotional - God’s Redemption Through Discipleship


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