Annie Armstrong Easter Offering and Week of Prayer 2024

Sunday, March 3, through Sunday, March 10, is the Week of Prayer for North American Missions. There is Prayer Guide and corresponding video (below) for each day of the week. They each have a specific emphasis and story about North American Missions, the work being done through the North American Mission Board, and it's importance.  Every year, SBC churches observe the Week of Prayer for North American missions by praying for missionaries, their ministries and their families. Because these missionaries make Jesus known in places all over North America, where there’s little or no gospel witness, they experience opposition and they battle loneliness and discouragement. That’s why they need your prayers.

More information about the NAMB and the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering

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“What a glorious thing it is to be a co-worker with God in winning the world for Christ.”

– Annie Armstrong

Day One:  Lost    281 million is a big number. How big? When someone says the word “missionary”, it’s perfectly natural for most people to think of someone in a faraway place. That makes sense. There’s a vast mission field “out there.” But for some people, putting a name and face on just one or two of the estimated 281 million lost people living “right here” in the U.S. and Canada changes everything.  Each day, click on the names below to hear and see 

Day Two:   Jefferson & Carol Hernandez Sterling, Virginia

Day Three:   Joseph & Kristen Gibbons Las Vegas, Nevada

Day Four:   Faith Garland Boston, Massachusetts


Day Five:   Alayu & Yegile Dubale Denver, Colorado

Day Six:    Josh & Beth Glymph Jacksonville, Florida

Day Seven:   Noelson & Edna Chery Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Day Eight:   Found     When God sends missionaries like the ones featured here into places where the gospel has not yet reached, amazing things happen. Today there are more than 3,000 Southern Baptist missionaries making Jesus known in communities all over the U.S. and Canada. They’re starting new churches, meeting physical needs and baptizing new believers. This is what happens when you pray: the gospel spreads.

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Who was Annie Armstrong? (1850-1938)

Annie was born in Baltimore at a time when there was little opportunity for women. Yet, her devotion to Christ led her to a life of service and leadership. She organized women to pray, to give and to meet the needs around them. She challenged pastors and churches to action and rallied vital support for missionaries. Ultimately, Annie was recognized as a national Southern Baptist trailblazer for her visionary leadership that still inspires millions today.

Her Contributions
• Started Bay View Mission for Baltimore’s poor and addicted
• Served as the first executive of Woman’s Missionary Union
• Raised support for missionaries to Italian and Jewish immigrants
• Initiated fund-raising “brick cards” to build churches in Cuba
• Gained support for the first black, female missionaries
• Secured funds to relieve China missionary, Lottie Moon, who had
served for 11 years without a furlough
• Advocated for Native Americans and impoverished mountain people
• Traveled across America in the late 1800s encouraging missionaries
and inspiring churches to pray, give and act
• Honored in 1934 when The Home Missions Offering was re-named
for her to encourage more to follow her sacrificial example

Today, more than $2 billion has been given through the Annie
Armstrong Easter Offering®. All gifts—100%—support thousands of
missionaries in church planting and compassion ministries across
the U.S. and Canada



Please consider giving to the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering.  100% of all gifts received provide for missionaries in North America.


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