18-24 months Room 142


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Classroom Photos

Characteristics of the Classroom

Teacher Training/Certifications Required

24 hours of annual Early childcare training

SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome)

CPR/1st Aid/Shaken Baby Syndrome

From Bottle to Sippy cup

Typically if you have not yet weaned your little one off of the bottle, this is the stage to do it! You little ones are growing and developing language and by this time a sippy cup (that we have on hand here or that you supply) is more appropriate for the students in this classroom.  We are happy to work with families who are just starting this process and need some assistance with this process.  

Educational Foundation

In this classroom, the students are developing so much in their language, physical and cognitive development.  They grow so much during this developmental stage and are still learning through exploratory play.  These students learn more through visual hands on learning which is why their craft activities and center play are the surrounding factor around their curriculum.  These little friends do not have the ability to sit for long periods of time yet, so we incorporate their shapes, colors and number learning through their craft activities and center play.  We introduce more responsibility to the students in the areas of table top play and free choice center play.

Cleanliness & Sanitation

*Toys are rotated out throughout the day.  Any soiled/dirty toys are placed in a separate bin for cleaning and new toys are placed out for the toddler children to play with.  

*All surfaces such as centers, tables and diaper changing station are sanitized routinely throughout the day and before closing to ensure fresh for the following day.




Toddler Curriculum Overview


   We are so excited to share this next stage and development with you and your little one! This is where the real fun begins : ) These young toddlers are on the move, checking things out as if their curiosity knows no bounds! This is where we step in to help.  For the first time, the child needs to develop a sense of limits and learn more advanced lessons such as understanding that actions have consequences (if we climb on the bookshelf, we can hurt ourselves), keeping toys out of their mouths, etc. These friends count on us to keep them safe while they learn and engage in social play with their friends and education components are centered around their craft activities.

Development Characteristics for 18-24 months:

*They learn by helping

*They learn to talk more (about 20-40 words)

*They learn about concepts such as size, shape, and weight by using their bodies as they move and play with toys and things in their environment

*Forms attachments now to peers and teachers

*Draws and scribbles

*Kicks backward and forward

*Can stand on a balance beam; has better spatial recognition and can control their body more

*Will perform for an audience