12-18 months Room 134


          Mrs. Maria         

Classroom Photos

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Characteristics of the Classroom

Teacher Training/Certifications Required

24 hours of annual Early childcare training

SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome)

CPR/1st Aid/Shaken Baby Syndrome

From Crib to Nap Mat
Our students will begin the school year in a crib and we will gradually get them sleeping on a nap mat. Typically after the first two weeks, we begin making this transition.  Please see notification from your classroom teacher in regards to when this transition will take place.

Cleanliness & Sanitation
*Toys are rotated out throughout the day.  Any soiled/dirty toys are placed in a separate bin for cleaning and new toys are placed out for the infant children to play with.  

*All surfaces such as cribs, diaper changing station, play mat, swings, bouncers, etc are sanitized daily.

*Laundry is done once a day where crib sheets and soft toys are washed and dried.



Young Toddler Curriculum Overview


   We are so excited to share this next stage and development with you and your little one! This is where the real fun begins : ) These young toddlers are on the move, checking things out as if their curiosity knows no bounds! This is where we step in to help.  For the first time, the child needs to develop a sense of limits and learn more advanced lessons such as understanding that actions have consequences (if we climb on the bookshelf, we can hurt ourselves), keeping toys out of their mouths, etc. These friends count on us to keep them safe while they learn and engage in social play with their friends and education components are centered around their craft activities.

Development Characteristics for 12-18 months:

*Picking up small objects with their pointer finger and thumb

*Cognitively the child begins to remember more

*They are able to make choices between clear alternatives

*They begin to solve problems

*They begin to develop language

*Identify family members in pictures

*Begins to climb up and down stairs

*Can build a tower of blocks/cubes

*Can throw a ball