Senior and Associate Pastors

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Dr. Greg Ammons
Senior Pastor
972-276-7194 ext 225
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Mark Hill
Minister of Music & Worship
972-276-7194 ext 240
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Dr. Doug Powell
Minister of Education
972-276-7194 ext 232
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Jack E. Schmid
Pastoral Care & Minister to Senior Adults
972-276-7194 ext 237
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Jim Witt
Minister of Missions
972-276-7194 ext 233

Ministerial Staff

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Bob Couch
Minister of Recreation and Family Activities
972-276-7194 ext 283
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Tara Cruse
Minister to Children
972-276-7194 ext 235
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Charlotte Davidson
Minister to Preschool and Kindergarten
972-276-7194 ext 265
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Michael Murrie
Minister to Students
972-276-7194 ext 290

Administrative & Support Staff

Camden Ammons
Pastoral Intern
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Keith Baker
Facilities and Properties Assistant Manager
972-276-7194 ext 245
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Kristen Beasley
Director-The Willow
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Freida Bennett
General Music Assistant
972-276-7194 ext 242
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Tracy Blakely
Multi-Channel Communications Assistant
972-276-7194 ext 234
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Teresa Brown
Missions Ministry Assistant
972-276-7194 ext 288
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Robert Carstens
Maintenance Technician
972-276-7194 ext 212
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Terri Carter
Pastoral Ministry Assistant
972-276-7194 ext 239
Diana Christie
Friendship House Assistant
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Keith Christie
Director of Benevolence Ministry
Lynn Christie
Praise Singers Director
972-276-7194, x242
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Cindy Cook
Recreation & Activity Ministry Associate
972-276-7194 ext 282
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Lisa Davis
Accountant/HR Assistant
972-276-7194 ext 264
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Shannon Fears
Senior Pastor Ministry Assistant
972-276-7194 ext 225
Adana Garfias
Children's Ministry Assistant
972-276-7194 ext 231
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Cathy Gharis
Education Ministry Assistant
972-276-7194 ext 236
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Brad Giesecke
Technical Arts Director
972-276-7194 ext 219
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Charlotte Greenhaw
Assistant Minister of Missions
972-276-7194 ext 229
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Cindy Hanby
Student Ministry Assistant
972-276-7194 ext 284
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Angel Ibarra
Spanish Language Ministry Associate
972-276-7194 ext 213
Dan Jackman
Business Administrator
972-276-7194 ext 224
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Melissa Jennings
Receptionist & Pastoral Care Ministry Assistant
972-276-7194 ext 221
Kelly Johnson
Records Assistant
972-276-7194 ext 255
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Robert Kirkland
Facilities and Properties Manager
972-276-7194 ext 244
Georgia Kornegay
Church Pianist & Orchestra Rehearsal Director
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Cathy Ledbetter
Recreation Ministry Assistant
972-276-7194 ext 277
Clay Mobley
Contemporary Worship Leader
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Zach Moore
Student Ministry Associate
972-276-7194 ext 285
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Denise Morris
Preschool Ministry Assistant
972-276-7194 ext 270
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Michelle Naylor
Childcare Director
972-276-7194 ext 286
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Tamara Palmer
Music Ministry Assistant
972-276-7194 ext 241
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Connie Roberts
Accountant/Contributions Assistant
972-276-7194 ext 222
Holden Royals
Technical Arts Assistant
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Heather Sanderson
Multi-Channel Communications Director
972-276-7194 ext 256
Stephen Schutter
Maintenance Technician
Debbie Shermer
Assistant Director - The Willow
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Greg Thurman
Food Services Director
972-276-5273, x278
Anna Tovar
Day Housekeeping
972-276-7194 ext 254