First Baptist Garland has partnered with to cover our area in prayer. 
Bless Every Home is a FREE mission-focused program that gives you the tools to pray for your neighbors by name. When you sign up to be a Light for your neighborhood you will receive a list of your 40 closest neighbors. You can even choose which days to be sent a reminder email containing a suggested prayer and a list of the next 5 neighbors to pray for that day. Using Bless Every Home you can also:
  • Track your Pray, Care, Share progress with each neighbor using a color-coded tracking system
  • Save notes and prayer requests for each neighbor so you will always be able to pray for your neighbors' personal needs
  • View a map of the neighbors in your neighborhood
  • Receive access to free resources 
  • And much more. 
Help us fulfill the Great Commission by bringing your neighbors to Christ.

Sign up to be a Light today

Neighboring Toolkit

In addition to Bless Every Home resources, we want to recommend a resource that gives some tangible ideas on how to be an intentional neighbor.  It’s called the Neighboring Toolkit.