Please read carefully to follow the new registration process.  Before you register you will need to have scanned a picture of the camper and the front and back of your health insurance card into your computer as a png, jpeg or word file. 

Click on Register. 

  • Create an account through Riverbend's Platform and proceed through that registration process
  • On the page that reads Camper Personal Information, on the bottom right hand corner in the section that reads Camper Photo:  click on Choose File and upload from your computer a png, jpeg, or word file photo of the camper.
  • On the page that asks Group Hold Registrant? Enter: Impact2018 in the Enter GHR ID: field
  • When you finish entering all of the information, you will come to the last screen, Click on View Dashboard.  Then on the bottom right hand corner click on Upload Forms, then click on Select, then select Insurance card.pdf, then click on Choose File, and upload from your computer a png, jpeg or word file copy of the front and back of your insurance card, after it finishs that process then go back to the FBC Garland Impact Kids Camp 2018 registration page and proceed, as follows, from there

Click on Payment.  You can then choose whether you want to make a $220 full payment, $50 deposit or $170 final payment.  If other payment arrangments need to be discussed contact Raini Day or 972-276-7194 ext 231

Click on Photo Release. Fill out the form and submit.