Water activities are for Summerama student 7 years & older! For those students here is a list of helpful hints:

  • Always send your child to Summerama wearing their swimsuit on Water days!!!  This includes days that are raining and seems that we might not go swimming. We will make the decision to call off swimming at the last possible second when we see that the weather is not going to cooperate.
  • Girls swimsuits must be a one piece! If a two piece is worn only a tankini that covers their entire stomach will be allowed. If the swimsuit does not cover their entire stomach, a dark colored shirt must be worn while they swim.
  • Please send your child to Summerama with sun block, a towel, and a bag to keep their belongings in while at the pool!  Goggles are allowed to be brought to the pool as long as they do not cover your child's nose.
  • Your child should bring a change of clothes to change into when we return from swimming.
  • Please supply your child with a water bottle to take to the pool with us!

For students that are not 7 and older, they will remain at the CDC in our 4's/5's year old classroom!