Early Field Trips

There will be certain field trips that take place early in the morning so that we can avoid the hottest part of the day and large crowds. Please look for field trip times on our Weekly Sheets that will be posted so that your child will be at the church in time to participate!

Showing Up Late

In the event that you arrive at the church after we have left for the field trip planned that day, unfortunately there will not be a place for your child. You will have to make other arrangements for your child's care. To avoid this inconvenience, please be sure to call before 9 a.m. (the earlier the better). This will let us know to count your child so they will be able to attend.

Field Trips (please view the Summerama calendar for a complete list) 

In-Sync Exotics

Spray Park (Rockwall)

Dallas Heritage Farm

Texas Skatium



Lunar Golf

SeaLife Aquarium

Crayola Experience

Field Trip Changes

All field trips are subject to change at any time. In the event that a field trip is canceled, we will have notes as soon as possible informing you of the changes. Some field trips are changed at the very last moment (due to weather). In those cases, we will stay with the same time frame stated on the Weekly Schedule, but we may have a different location that we might travel to. Some of the alternate destinations are Bahama Bucks, Sonic, and Dairy Queen.