Where is my class meeting?

Full listing of Adult Sunday School Classes and their campus or virtual locations

Questions About Returning to Sunday School on Campus


  1. Will health and safety protocols be applied in classrooms?
    The wearing of masks is fully optional when in the FBCG facilities and campus..   
  2. Classroom setups for all age groups are adjusted to include protocols prioritizing the health and safety of members, guests and volunteers.  To view specific protocols for classrooms in each age group, click the links below.
  3. Have all adult Sunday School classes returned to campus?
    No, some classes have not returned, but more classes are returning each month (by their choice).  Non-returning classes will continue to meet virtually (by Zoom and other formats) for now.  View (above) the list of classes meeting on campus and those meeting on Zoom changes periodically as more classes choose to return to campus.
  4. What if my class is remaining virtual, but I am ready to return?
    If you want to temporarily join one of the groups meeting live, until your class returns to campus, feel free to do so. The list of classes meeting on campus and those meeting on Zoom is published at the link above.
  5. Will my class be meeting in the same room as we were using pre-COVID?
    Not necessarily. We match classrooms with the anticipated number of people using the class, using socially-distanced room capacities. In every case, the number of people using a room will be less than what it was pre-COVID due to social distancing protocols.

  6. What about those families who choose not to return to Sunday School in person at this time?
    Teachers in adult and student (youth) classes have been given the option of meeting in “hybrid” form – with Zoom and in-person attendance at the same time.  Those classes selecting this option are assigned classrooms which are equipped to operate in hybrid form.  For preschool and children’s families, these ministries continue to provide parents with resources until the time they choose to return to campus with their families.
  7. What about health and safety protocols for hallways, stairways, elevators, common areas, and restrooms?
    Protocols have been created to encourage social distancing in all these areas. General guidelines have been created for building access and traffic flow.  To view these protocols and guidelines, click here.
  8. Are there additional protocols related to routine Sunday School activities which will be applied when we return?
    Yes.  Please click on the protocols below to see the detailed information by age group.

Classroom Protocols