Re-opening Postponed

Hello FBCG Church Family,

I was so looking forward to worshiping with you again in the FBCG facilities during the first week of July, but circumstances in our area have made it to where we must postpone our re-opening for now.  As you have heard, the Governor of Texas, Dallas County, and the City of Garland have all informed us that the number of COVID-19 cases have risen exponentially in recent days and we are being advised to push back our re-opening for now.  We will re-evaluate on a weekly basis and I will be updating you often.

As soon as we can re-open our facilities in a safe manner to you and others, then we will do so immediately.  There are many FBCG members who are in the at-risk category.  A large number of FBCG members have told me that they love the church and will be back to worship again, but not right now.  I understand.

I spent most of the day on Tuesday, June 23, speaking with pastors of other large Baptist churches in the area, our own FBCG members, medical healthcare professionals and in prayer and the message was all the same.  We needed to push back our re-opening just a little.  Our first week in July goal was a little premature.  Other pastors and churches in our area are doing the same.  In addition, I have kept up with other churches from around the state who have re-opened already.  Many of them are re-closing again or have said they wished they would have waited longer.  Their numbers continue to decline weekly. 

The bottom line is that I want to do what is right and prudent in the days in which we live.  I want to worship in a qualitative, meaningful manner that brings glory and honor to the Lord and when the greatest number of our church members can join us.  We will continually re-evaluate on a weekly basis and be back to worship as soon as possible.  I am personally hoping for later in July or the first of August.  

In the meantime, we will continue to worship through our live stream service each Sunday and meet for Bible Study through Zoom or other virtual platforms.

As far as our outdoor worship service at North Garland High School this Sunday, June 28, it is still planned for 7:00 p.m.  We must be sure to socially distance and stay at least 6 feet apart, but we are still planning on gathering to worship outdoors this Sunday evening.  If the Dallas County limit on outdoor gatherings changes before Sunday evening, I will update you.    

Please continue to remain faithful and obedient to God with your giving and virtual ministry.  You have done so well with both during these days.  You have fed the hungry, provided other items, and met the needs of so many during the pandemic.  I am so proud of you and love FBCG dearly.  It saddens me to have to make this decision, but I know that God is sovereign and has purpose for everything we are going through.  We will be a stronger church on the other side of these days.  I will be coming to you again soon.


Pastor Greg