We are excited to...

... welcome you back! Pastor Greg and the staff of FBCG are excited to see our chuch family back on campus!  Please review the information below for answers to questions which you may have and watch Brother Greg's message about our re-opening for worship.


Video Message from Pastor Greg

12 Questions About Re-opening Facilities for Worship

  1. When will we gather again on campus to worship?
  • Services began on Thursday evening, August 27, and Sunday morning, August 30.  
  1. Who will be gathering for worship?
  • We are welcoming everyone.  However, If you have experienced flu like symptoms, have a temperature above 100° or have been exposed to someone with COVID-19 within the last 14 days, we urge you to stay home and worship through our live stream, then when healthy, you can re-join us in person.
  1. Will masks be required to attend worship?
  • Yes, masks will be worn to enter the Worship Center, during the congregational singing, and exiting the Worship Center.  During the sermon, you may pull down your masks since you will be socially-distanced from others around you.
  • This policy is to help contain the spread of the coronavirus in our area as well as to keep our members safe.
  • We have a number of members who have compromised conditions, i.e. cancer survivors, members with diabetes, asthma, etc.
  • This policy will allow more of our members to join us for worship.
  • This policy is also a way for us to love our neighbors as ourselves, as Jesus commanded.
  1. How many services will we have and when will they take place?
  • Thursday at 7:00 p.m.   This will be the worship service in which we will record the Sunday morning live stream. We will continue to make our live stream worship service a priority. There are many worshipers from several foreign countries and many U.S. states who worship with us via live stream each week and we want to continue this outreach.  You will see cameras in the middle of the worship center during this service temporarily, but they should not distract from your personal worship live with us.
  • Sunday morning worship at 11:30 a.m.   The time will allow church members 45 minutes after Zoom Sunday School has concluded to drive to the church facilities.  More worship services will be added as more of our church members are able to join us live for worship.
  • Spanish Language service at 10:30 a.m. on Sundays in the FH
  1. Will this schedule be permanent for FBCG going forward?
  • This is a temporary schedule only during the days of social distancing.
  1. What style of worship will the services be?
  • A blend of traditional and contemporary worship as we have been doing on live stream each week. We will return to our three different styles of worship when we return to our regular schedule.
  1. Will I need to register to attend worship?
  • Registration will not be required.  We will still have a socially distanced service and provide overflow in the Chapel when the capacity is reached in the Worship Center.  We will still need families who need Worship Childcare to register their children from 8 weeks to age 4 to ensure we have adequate space. Worship Care is only avaialble at the Sunday service each week.  Click here to register your child for Worship Care.
  1. How will we enter and where do we sit?
  • For worship, you will enter the building in one of two places … the main Worship Center entry doors facing Avenue D … and the covered porte cochere facing Glenbrook Drive.  Entry to the Worship Center will begin  20 minutes prior to the start of the service.
  • This aspect of worship at FBCG will certainly be different than what you have known previously. We are restricted by the state and county guidelines, at this point, to 200 persons per worship service.  Our ushers and volunteers will be seating you in an organized manner and we will be grateful for your cooperation.  Everyone will be seated in a manner to comply with social distancing.  The only exception to social distancing is families may sit together.  
  1. How will we dismiss after the worship service?
  • At the conclusion of the service, ushers will return and dismiss you by rows so social distancing guidelines may be observed.
  1. Will there be congregational singing?
  • Yes. I cannot wait to hear you sing again! 
  1. Will the Worship Center be cleaned after each service?
  • Absolutely. FBCG has purchased an industrial strength cleaner and it will be used to clean the entire Worship Center, as well as the pews, after each worship service.
  1. Are there other items of which I need to be aware?
  • We will not have Bibles or hymnals in the pews.
  • Offering plates will not be passed as a part of the worship service. Ushers will be located at the exits as you leave so you can be faithful and obedient with God’s tithes and your offerings.  You may also continue to give via the U.S. Mail or online through Push Pay.
  • Spiritual decisions will be handled in the Counseling Room at the conclusion of each service.  Or you may text 'decision' to 77411. 
  • Only the restrooms in the main Atrium area are open to use with entrance from the Atrium only.  The restrooms in  the Worship Center Lobby are for emergency use only.
  • Alternate forms of personal greeting should be practiced, so avoid hugging or hand-shaking.
  • Worship Care for preschoolers will be available for the Sunday services only in a limited capacity for ages 8 weeks to age 4. You are welcome to bring your little ones to worship.  Here is a video from our Preschool Minister with what to expect when you bring your kids to The Nest.  
  • The Grove and Welcome Center will not be open yet.
  • Golf cart shuttle service is suspended for now.
  • All other activities will not resume yet.