Ways to Minister to Our Community During this Pandemic

We are in unprecedented times!  One thing is certain... God is still in control.   We continue seek out specific and unique ways to minister to our community and share the love of God with them during this time.  

If you know of an idea for ministry and want to share it with us, please complete the form at the bottom of this page and we will be in contact with you to discuss how we can help!

Food for Friendship House (Suspended)

Thank you church for your generosity in our four weeks of food collection.   Friendship House has more food than it has ever had before.   As we write this, we've helped over 400 families.   We will continue to distribute food but our food collection is suspended for the time being.  We hope that things will improve and we won't have to ask you to bring food again.   Let us thank you again for your amazing generosity during our food collection efforts.   We have always known that the people of First Baptist Garland were generous folk.  You're amazing outpouring of food has confirmed that assessment. 

God bless you richly.

Blessings, Jim and Keith

Mask Making

Mask Making/Agape Stitchers

We have been requested by at least one hospital to make masks with pockets in them so filters can be inserted, and we intend to make these masks available to hospitals.  If you are already making masks with pockets, feel free to do it as you are familiar. 

Below is a mask pattern that will make your mask production quicker and an instructional video.  

  1. mask pattern --
    lorrienunemaker - face-mask-with-filter-pocket pattern
  2. instructional video--
    Lorrie Nunemaker - YouTube
    "Easy Face Mask Pattern w/fabric ties & Filter Pocket"
    (Note: Instead of making fabric ties, you can use 18-inch lengths of ribbon or cording.)

If you have questions, contact Diane Mangan

If, for whatever reason, you prefer not to make masks with pockets, we can use the masks without pockets as well.

We believe this mask-making initiative is a new ministry for the church.  We have decided to call it Agape Stitchers. We hope after the COVID 19 crisis has subsided, Agape Stitchers can continue as a sewing ministry at our church. 

Getting the Masks to the Church

For the next two Fridays, from 12 p.m.-1 p.m., please bring your completed masks in tightly-sealed ziplock bags to the Ninth Street entrance (Chapel entrance), of the main church building.  You will see a cart labeled "masks."  Leave your masks on the cart, and write your name on the ziplock bags.  Also, please label the bags as either “pockets” (for masks with pockets) or “masks” (for those without pockets).  There will be someone just inside the sliding glass door who will retrieve your masks after you depart to minimize contact. 

Send Encouraging Notes

Help someone in these trying times by sending cards, colorful pictures, notes of encouragement, or anything else homemade (no food) to the facilities listed below.

Feel free to include Bible verses, “I am praying for you” notes, and any other encouraging words. We have been told that at every facility people would love to get remembrances since, in most cases, they cannot receive visitors.

Of these below listed institutions, the Denton State Supported Living Center (DSSLC) is by far the largest and has been hit very hard by the corona virus. 50 residents and 23 employees have tested positive for COVID 19.

Mail your cards to the addresses below.   It is also requested that we all pray for the people and staff in these facilities. Each is struggling to cope under difficult circumstances.

1350 Lookout
Richardson, Texas 75082
Attention:  Shelly Collins-Anderson
57 Residents

Villages of Lake Highlands
8615 Lullwater Drive
Dallas, Texas 75238
Attention: Claudia Hernandez
97 residents

Mayberry Gardens
3272 N. Garland Avenue
Garland, Texas 75040
Attention:  Dianne Farnsworth
120 Residents

Volunteer Services Counsel
Box 368
Denton, Texas 76202-0368
450 residents

Yard Care for Senior Adults

If you know a senior adult or another homeowner who is unable to care for their yard, why not contact that person and offer to mow, pull weeds, or whatever is needed?  Just ensure that you always maintain social distance.  We contacted the code compliance office in Garland and they assured us that providing this service will not violate the current shelter-in-place orders as long social distance is maintained. 

Neighboring During COVID-19

Right Now Media has produced a piece on the Art of Neighboring which Doug Powell, our Minister of Education, passed along to several of us.  Look at the ideas in the piece and see if there are some you can use in your neighborhood to engage your neighbors during this time.

COVID19 Neighboring Toolkit


Host a watch party of the movie "The Case for Christ" with anyone who has Netflix!  You and your friends can type in the chat window with each other while the movie is playing, almost like you are there in the same room.  INSTRUCTIONS

Watch for more ideas to bring us together while we are apart.

Let us know of an idea for ministry during this crisis

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