High School Rockport Mission Trip 2020

We took 41 of our high school students and leaders went on a High School Rockport Mission Trip on March 7-11.  They worked with “Rockport Hands of Hope,” which is the Hurricane Harvey relief organization that was borne out of FBC Rockport. We worshiped with FBC Rockport on Sunday morning, which happened to be their Annual Deacon-Led Service. In the service, deacons shared their personal testimonies and also highlighted ministries in which they are involved through FBC Rockport. 

Our job site for the week was at Coastal Oaks Baptist Church in Rockport. Coastal Oaks had been wrangling with the insurance company for the past two-and-a-half years over the catastrophic damage that was done to the church’s Family Life Center (Gym, Kitchen, Sunday School Building). After years of dealing with the insurance company, Coastal Oaks finally received an agreement that the insurance company would pay for the rebuilding of the facility, but not for the demolition. Having received that settlement recently, Coastal Oaks needed to move ahead with the demolition of the building so that the rebuild could be scheduled. The church’s Facility Manager, Ken Marks, had secured several bids from demolition companies, but the lowest bid that was given to them was more than $65,000. This is a cost that Coastal Oaks Baptist Church was not able to pay, so they reached out to Rockport Hands of Hope for help.

Our team was given the task of taking on the demolition of this three-story Family Life Center with instructions to “Take it down to the iron beams.” With sledgehammers, hammers, crowbars, prybars, scoop shovels, and a rented scissor jack, our team was able to complete over 90% of the demotion during the three days of work we were there! It was truly unbelievable to see the extent of the impact that our team was able to accomplish. By the time we were finished, every single brick that needed to be removed from that three-story facility was gone! Every 2X4, staircase, piece of paneling, piece of flooring, and wall frame was taken down and removed from all three stories of the building! The entire commercial kitchen, including cabinetry, fixtures, and a 20-foot kitchen island were taken down and removed from the building. By the way, the team that demolished the kitchen consisted entirely of our high school girls.

Each day, we filled up the three dumpster bins that were on site at the church, but as you can imagine, our work created a new pile to be loaded into dumpsters every day. Now that our team has finished our part of the job, all that remains for the completion of the demolition of the Family Life Center is for another volunteer team to come in to move the rubble that we created on our last day there into the dumpsters. After two-and-a-half years of being out of use, the rebuild of the Family Life Center at Coastal Oaks Baptist Church is now in view. The Facilities Manager, Ken Marks, was overwhelmed with the progress that our team made and, to thank our team, gave Dane Broussard a copy of the plans/blueprints for the rebuild of the facility. It is going to be beautiful!

It was a great trip and I couldn’t be prouder of our team.  They represented our church well as A Community of Believers…Following Jesus…Telling His Story.

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Michael Murrie
Minister to Students


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