Classes begin Sunday, September 12, at 4 p.m. (unless otherwise noted).

Precept Bible Study (Job)

Job asks big questions about pain, suffering, and God’s sovereignty—and it shows us God is with us through everything.

Group Leader: Gay Ritchie

Tuesdays 7-9 pm (starting September 7)
Wednesdays 9:30-11:30 am (starting September 8)  (same content as Tuesday study)

9 sessions        MAC 281

Study materials: $18

Click here to find out more about Precept Bible studies. Study materials can be purchased in the church office starting the week of August 9.

The Art of Neighboring

You have hundreds of Facebook friends, but do you know the full name of your next-door neighbor? Examining the effects of our unprecedented mobility and our increasing isolationism, this study will help you make lasting personal connections by asking---and acting on---one question: What's the most loving thing I can do for my neighbors?  In these times of COVID-19, intentional ministry through neighboring is an essential.

Group Leaders: Doug Powell & Bryan Beeman

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5 sessions        Main 240C

Study Guide: $9.50
Purchase the book and have it mailed to your home - click here  

First Place 4 Health
This Fall's Study: Motivated to Wellness

Good health doesn't start with healthy eating and regular exercise. The balanced life so many people long for - which includes good nutrition and physical fitness - begins with a change of heart and a transformed mind. This study invites members to discover hope and motivation that will sustain them through a lifetime of fitness and good health. (Part of the overall First Place 4 Health program.)

Group Leader: Robin Sanford

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9 Sessions        Main 250

Study Materials:  
Purchase the $60 "member essential kit" and have it mailed to your home - click here
Also purchase the $18 Bible study, "Motivated to Wellness" and have it mailed to your home - click here.  
Every participant will need the both of these resources to participate in the group.  

Sharing Lives Seminar

This practical study helps believers understand ways to bridge cultural barriers with the Gospel, with a view toward being more effective in evangelism and ministry for Christ.  The study will utilize instructional video footage provided by actual IMB missionaries who are partners with our church.

Group Leader: Craig Davidson

6 sessions        Main 153

Study Guide: All materials will be provided in class.

Characters - Parts 1 & 2
The Patriarchs and The Deliverers

These are the first two parts of a one-year exploration of the Bible through the lives of its people - from the Old Testament (OT) Patriarchs, through the Deliverers, to the OT Kings, then the Prophets, to the life of Jesus, then His followers, and finally the Early Church Leaders.

Group Leader: Ernie Carrasco

12 sessions        Main 240A/B

Study Guide: $9.99 for each part
Purchase the book for Part 1 - The Patriarchs and have it mailed to your home - click here
Purchase the book for Part 2 - The Deliverers and have it mailed to your home - click here  

Growing Deep in the Christian Life

This book study returns us to our Christian roots with a panoramic overview of the best riches of our biblical heritage. Here are the foundations for a faith that won't fold, a serenity that isn't shallow, a joy you can't leave behind. Swindoll brings it all home with warmth and wit, the color and clarity you expect in his teaching. He presents strong and stabilizing truths . . . life-roots.  The Fall Session will be Part 1 of a series which is planned to continue in Winter/Spring 2022.

Group Leader: Wayne Raley

10 Sessions       
This class will be offered virtually on Zoom only.  Send Wayne Raley an email at [email protected] for the Zoom access information.

Study Guide: Various prices, depending on new or used versions.
Purchase the book and have it mailed to your home - click here  


Devotional Doctrine

This study helps participants know the value of doctrine to the Christian life. Not only to define how we live or separate truth from falsehood, but also to delight our souls as we explore the deep things of God.

Group Leader: Dale Grounds

10 sessions        Main 157

Study Guide: FREE digital download - Click here